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Body Treatment

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Body Treatment
Body Treatment

During the  body treatment we cleanse, exfoliation, massage, treat and moisturize the skin. 

Includes: Full Body ( Not including face or private areas) 

Benefits of Body Treatments

Body treatments can provide many benefits that can improve your physical and mental health, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

Some of them are:

  • Detoxification

Body wrap helps remove toxins and heavy metals, detoxify your body, and enhance overall health, especially if you choose detox body therapy.

  • Improve circulation

Wraps treatment with the right combination of ingredients stimulates circulation and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and other body parts. Circulation and detox raise our immune system and improve our well-being.

  • Skin health

Body wraps improve the appearance of the skin, promote collagen production, and increase elasticity and hydrate skin.

  • Relaxation

Same as any other spa treatment, body wrap brings the feeling of relaxation and stress reduction.

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