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LED Therapy Facial

LED Therapy Facial

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7 Color PTD LED Photodynamic Light Therapy 

7-Color Functions: It is with 7 color light to meet your different needs. Natural light helps control oil, redness, and aging. The color of the light according to the condition  of your skin

    • The Devior PDT light therapy device has two rows of non-emitting near infrared light that is not visible to the human eye. Red light 630nm|Blue light 470nm|Green light 525nm|Yellow light 590nm|Orange light 610nm|Violet light|NIR light 850nm
    • Safe and Quality: L-E-D Therapy Light uses the latest in light technology and quality materials. It is safe and comfortable. Natural L-E-D Facial Light Therapy uses seven types of lights to improve skin cir-cula-tion and health without causing any side effects.
    • Multi-effects: Use natural light wa-ve to transfer the energy into skin. Rach light therapy has different effects on your skin, which can brighten the skin , reduce and prevent wrinkles, minimizes pores, promote blood circulation, tighten your skin and improve skin elasticity. This facial treatment is ideal for most skin types
  • A technique called photodynamic therapy directs wavelengths of blue fluorescent light to activate a topical medicine applied to the skin. It selectively kills abnormal, potentially cancerous cells in specific areas.

Suggested Treatment Time: 20-30mins

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