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Aloe + Calendula Yoni Mist

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Aloe + Calendula Yoni Mist
Aloe + Calendula Yoni Mist
Aloe + Calendula Yoni Mist

Our handcrafted yoni mist allows for a refreshed feminine area anywhere. Made with all natural ingredients which doesn't cause irritation or burning. The natural healing properties in calendula and aloe soothe the feminine area leaving it feeling nice and clean. 


Yoni Mist! 💦

🌱All Natural

🌼Great for an on the go feminine refresh! ✨

Calendula when applied morning and night can help soothe vaginal tissue, healing minor abrasions, and discourages infection.

Aloe gently cleanses vagina. Also helping to remove odor-causing bacteria.

Ingredients: Rose Water, Calendula Oil & Aloe
Stop use if skin irritation occurs!

If pregnant consult a doctor before use.

How to use: spray directly to outside of feminine
area and pat dry or wipe as normal (Front to back)

4oz bottle 

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