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Manly Body Butter(3 Scents)

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Manly Body Butter(3 Scents)
Manly Body Butter(3 Scents)

Manly Body Butter Handcrafted for the Ultimate Man! 

Whipped with moisturizing oils and essential/ fragrance oils designed for a masculine scent.

Directions: Apply small amount to palm of hand and apply to body as needed.

The Entrepreneur: A blend of lavender, mint, thyme and fresh juicy bergamot at the top note with tranquilizing notes at the heart from geranium, moss and sandalwood that passionately embrace the skin. 

The Classic Guy: Amber, cedar wood and tonka bean at the bottom of the fragrance are warm, spicy, deep and still have a fresh clean aroma that lingers for a long time. 

The Empowered Man: A fresh blend of Bergamot, lavender, Mint, Thyme, Geranium, moss, Sandalwood, Amber & Cedar. Smells Masculine and amazing! 

Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, and Essential/Fragrance Oils

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