Cactus Affirmation

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Cactus Affirmation

Our affirmation stickers speak your mind set and goals into existence. Sometimes a visual reminder that we got this! Weather it be your workout, life, job or mindset.  it’s important to remind ourselves from time to time because as we all know we can get off track and need a quick reminder of what’s important! 

Avocado affirmation is just to add a smile on your face. If you ever look at yourself self and say I need to work harder or I need to do better. Always remember change is a process it takes time; highlight the positive.

Do you take time to exercise for 30 mins?

 Did you make better food choices today?

Did you drink your water?

Did you think positive today? 

These affirmation stickers are water proof and can be applied to your:



-Water Bottle



-Lap Top 

The list goes on! 

We hope you keep a positive mind set and push yourself to be better you always! 

Custom Stickers Size: 3”